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Brewing Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a special method of making coffee that goes back to the 16th century, predating almost every other currently-used method of brewing a cup of java.

It's surprisingly easy to do. Your biggest expense is a good grinder - a decent electric burr grinder that can grind extra fine (finer than espresso even) is needed.

Besides the grinder, you need good quality water, good quality, fresh roasted coffee, a stirring spoon, and a brewing device called an ibrik. Ibrik is usually made of copper, with a long wooden handle, though sometimes it is made out of steel or other metals. The pot has a wide base and a narrow top, with a spout on one or two sides for pouring. Ibriks can be found in a variety of sizes from 2 cup on up to 6 or 8 cups.

Also you need a heat source, like butane powered heating element or electric (gas) stove.

When done right, Turkish coffee is very intense, but very pleasing to the tongue. It also breaks one of the cardinal rules we usually have for coffee - don't boil (and reboil) the brew. But as you'll see, it's all good!

This is extremely important advice: never take your eye off the process when brewing turkish coffee. Things can happen in a blink of the eye - and you'll create a big mess on your stove if you lose attention.

To tone down the strength and intensity of the brew, add spices such as cardamom, anise, or a sweetener such as an easily dissolvable sugar can be added. In fact, sugar is almost considered part of the process.

Now you can try to brew it. Enjoy!