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Why Teaposy?

Why Teaposy?

Teaposy’s line of hand-blown glassware lets you enjoy the complete Teaposy experience, giving the teaposies plenty of room to bloom. Each teapot, cup, and warmer is made of temperature resistant borosilicate glass and is crystal clear, providing perfect viewing of your teaposies and the beautiful, golden brew.

Using only the highest quality Silver Needle White Tea from the Fujian Province of China for each teaposy, and hand-blown borosilicate glass for each teapot, cup, and warmer, Teaposy creates a tea experience unlike any other.
  • Hand-blown Glassware
    Every piece of Teaposy glassware is created by hand, so no two are exactly alike. Designed to enhance the visual experience of the teaposy blossom, glass artists work meticulously to ensure maximum clarity and a spacious viewing area. The entire collection is adorned with Teaposy's elegant logo, and several sizes and styles are available to fit any occasion.

  • Heat-resistant
    Made from Borosilicate glass, Teaposy glassware can withstand temperatures between -4° and 300° F. With high and low temperature durability, Teaposy Glassware can be used for brewing, as well as storage in the refrigerator.
    The Teaposy can be used on a low flame on a gas stove (but should not be put on to brew and be left on the stove), in microwaves and on the top shelf in dishwashers.

  • Earth Friendly
    All Teaposy glassware is made from 20% recycled material, offering a beautiful and environmentally conscious tea experience. And, since teaposies themselves are completely natural, you can enjoy some of the world's finest tea in its purest form.

  • Packaging
    Individually packaged with care, Teaposy glassware is not only beautiful when brewing, but also in the box. Teaposy boxes feature original artwork and high quality images that capture the clarity and elegance of the glassware itself. Whether on display or given as a gift, Teaposy boxes reflect the art and craft of Teaposy.

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