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Saeco Glossary: Definitions from A to Z

1. What is a fully automatic coffee machine?

It is a coffee machine equipped with built-in coffee grinder, bean container, water container, dozer, water heater, pump for making coffee, waste container and electronic system for monitoring the process of brewing coffee and for setting the coffee machine. An automatic coffee machine makes espresso and cappuccino with minimum participation of the user.

2. What is Automatic Cappuccinatore?

An attachment to the steam wand for making milk froth for cappuccino. Cappuccinatore takes milk from a carton (or another container) through a pipe and makes whipped milk froth that goes into a cup. The resulting froth is clean and neat. Some models of coffee machines have the option of making a programmed amount of froth.

3. What is Panarello?

A gadget for frothing milk small cylindric-shaped tip for a steam wand. With a patented device milk is made to circulate inside the tip and to actively mix with steam, turning into tender fluffy foam.

4. What is a rotating base?

It lets you turn the machine in the needed direction without lifting it, which makes serving coffee much more convenient.

5. What is rapid steam system?

It is an additional heating system, which allows to reduce the transition time between making espresso and cappuccino, because water is already hot when it goes into additional heating element, and it quickly heats up to steam temperature.

Instant steam?

This is an extra boiler - small but very powerful. It allows to make both espresso and foam for cappuccino any time you want.

6. What is pre-grinding?

While a serving of espresso is made, the next portion of ground coffee is prepared in advance. This decreases the time of making a coffee serving.

7. What is pre-infusion system?

Pressed coffee is lightly watered with hot water, and after a small pause the process of brewing coffee continues. This function improves the taste and aroma of espresso, but somewhat increases the time of brewing.

8. What is SBS system?

SBS (Saeco Brewing System) is a system of changing coffee strength by changing the pressure in the central unit. The higher the pressure the stronger the beverage. This system allows you to make coffee of various strength without changing other parameters.

9. What is power saving regime?

In this regime after a certain amount of idle time coffee machine stops heating water in the boiler, thus saving power.

10. What is "double coffee" regime?

It is a regime in which coffee machine makes two servings of coffee, one after another.

11. What is regime of automatic dispenser rinsing and cleaning?

It is a regime which, when turned on, makes the machine rinse its coffee dispenser, which guarantees that your coffee is made only with fresh water.

12. What is regime of automatic coffee machine rinsing?

It is a regime which, when turned on, makes the machine to automatically rinse its inside parts to remove the residue of coffee oils, when it is needed. Used water goes out through the steam/boiling water pipe.

13. What is regime of automatic descaling?

When the regime is turned on, the machine automatically starts cleaning cycle. Machine informs about the need of descaling through its display.