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We would like to warn you against purchasing cheap coffee machines like Delonghi, Senseo and other coffee machines pretending to be espresso machines. In such machines you will never make real Italian espresso. You don't believe it? Read forums... Though you can buy and try it. These machines don't provide the necessary pressure, and they heat water up to 100 degrees Centigrade. Coffee will be similar to the one made in a drip coffee maker, and you will have to forget about the nice foam..

When choosing coffee makers and coffee machines, carefully read all technical information and operating instructions; if possible, consult with a specialist or friends who really know what espresso is. Don't be fooled by low price, remember - the penny wise is pound foolish!

If you are buying a Saeco coffee machine, demand a performance check. This is how a warranty certificate for a Saeco coffee machine should look. Otherwise you will be refused warranty service.

You can choose a coffee machine of another manufacturer, for example GAGGIA. This is also first-class equipment, which has the same advantages compared to coffee machines made by other manufacturers. Coffee machines of JURA, BOSCH, SIEMENS, ROTEL, KRUPS or AEG are practically identical, just made at different factories (or perhaps even at the same one) with slightly varying designs and different logotypes. The difference between them is the same as the difference between coffee machines made by Saeco, Gaggia and Spidem, which all belong to Saeco International Group. We can't state that coffee machines made by JURA, BOSCH, SIEMENS or AEG are unreliable; they make espresso which is not bad at all, but they are definitely inferior to Saeco coffee machines in price, functionality, size and easiness of operation and service. Just look at "Saeco removable unit" for brewing!

We recommend to buy coffee machines from companies specializing particularly in making coffee machines (like SAECO, GAGGIA) - not air conditioners, not cell phones, not auto parts and not hair dryers.