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Saeco Espresso and espresso machines

Espresso and espresso machines

This article can be of interest not only for those who loves espresso and wishes to buy a coffee machine for making it. If you don't know which coffee machine to buy and don't know what espresso is, you simply must read this article.

First we shall remind that espresso is a beverage made of natural ground coffee under temperature of approximately 90-95 degrees Centigrade and pressure of 9 bars. Under no circumstances should the water be heated to the boiling temperature, and the pressure should be 9 or approximately 9 bars - not 2, not 5, not 15 and not 20 bars.

If in the description of a coffee machine you see pressure of 15 bars then most likely it means the working pressure of the pump - not the pressure in the device itself or in the coffee chamber. It is worth to keep in mind that in the coffee machine there can be a pump with working pressure of 15 bars and more, but the needed pressure is not achieved in the chamber where coffee is made, and therefore you fail to make real espresso. Don't judge a coffee machine by its design and attractiveness, by its nice look, number of buttons etc. Even the presence of the E.S.E. logo on a coffee machine doesn't mean its quality. For example, coffee machines KRUPS Artese 2 (by the way, with the E.S.E. logo) or ROWENTA have a simple coffee chamber with sophisticated apertures and channels, but despite all the extras the pressure of 9 bars, which is so needed for espresso making, is not achieved. If you wish to spend less on purchasing a coffee machine and to get plenty of pleasure instead of a bunch of problems, then we recommend you to buy an espresso machine, best of all - SAECO or SPIDEM, or at least GAGGIA.

Saeco coffee machines are - fair enough - considered the best, the most reliable (if you follow operating instructions), the easiest to operate coffee machines, with the most quality servicing during and after warranty period. Coffee chamber of Saeco machines is built in a special way, which lets you avoid the fuss of choosing the way of grinding or the degree of pressing coffee in the chamber. You will make excellent espresso even without having espresso-making skills.

A minus of an espresso machine - it is desirable to place it close to running water, because after each serving you need to wash used coffee away from the chamber.

When choosing SAECO espresso machine it makes sense to consider its design. The insides are practically identical..The differences between machines are in the material of which the body is made, in water capacity and in the presence of built-in grinder.