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S.P.M. SP1 Commercial Frozen Beverage Dispenser, 5 Qts Bowl

Makes cold creams, slushes, sorbets, and granitas. Chiller dispenser for Bars, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Coffee Shops, Hotels and all the other HoReCa operators who wish a reliable equipment for the production of delicious chilled specialties, like creamy desserts, sherbets, mousses and similar products.
350 watts, 115 volts, 60 hrtz
Item code: SPM-SP1
Sale Price: $1,749.00
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Availability: Yes
The SPM SP1 is the perfect solution for bars, restaurants, cafes, coffeehouses, and hotels. Make cold creams, slushes, sorberts, and granitas.

•   1 Bowl configuration: Mainly for minimum space, small demand establishments. Stainless steel body with white accents and rounded corners.
•   Easy to clean and user-friendly: All the components which come into contact with the products can be removed without having to use any tools.
•   Significant ROI: Quick turnaround and the transparent bowl make your products irresistible which leads to high return on investment.
•   HACCP certification: Works with water, milk-based dried products, or Brik mixtures ready to be poured into the bowl.

•   Measurements ........ 24.1" H x 10.3" W x 16.8" D (61.2 cm H x 26.2 cm W x 42.7 cm D)
•   Weight ........ 61.7 pounds (28 kilograms)
•   Power ........ 350 watts, 115 volts, 60 hertz
•   Bowl capacity ........ 1.32 gallons (5 liters)
•   Refrigerant gas ........ R 404 a
•   Country of manufacture ........ Italy
•   Listings ........ CE

1.WARNING: You must allow this unit to stand up on your counter for 48 hours before start up/first usage. When shipped, this unit will tumble and toss sideaways and upside down. The refrigeration needs to settle for 48 hours after shipping. IF NOT ALLOWED TO SETTLE, THE UNIT WILL BE DAMAGED AND WILL NOT BE REPLACED, REFUNDED, NOR COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. Also, please inspect unit for any physical damage before operating.

2.Shipping: This product will be shipped on a pallet. Please note any box damage upon receipt when signing AND inspect unit before signing. If unit is damaged, refuse and do not sign.

3.Water / mixture ratio: When using mixes, there should be a 20% mixture of sugar. If there is not, the turning blade can freeze and damage. Therefore, when experimenting, please stand by unit and watch. Also, it is best to select a middle setting on the touchpad.

4.Parts: Breakage of plastics and replacement gaskets are not included under warranty unless damage from shipment is reported within 5 business days of receipt.

5.Cleaning: None of the removable parts nor seals are dishwasher safe. When using milk based products, the machine needs to be drained, cleaned, and sanitized every 3 days. Milk based products cannot be reused when drained.

•   If product does not dispense, then the product is too frozen. Increase the temperature so the product is less dense. It will take a while. Do not stick any tool or utensil into the dispenser as this can damage the mixer / flywheel (and will not be covered under warranty).
•   Rear and sides of unit need minimum 2" of clearance for proper airflow.

Please note: NO FREE SHIPPING for this model is available.
The Commercial Frozen Beverage Dispenser SP1 will be shipped by truck only. The shipping cost will be added to the order amount upon determination.

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