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Rancilio Silvia Redesigned V3 Pod-Adaptable Espresso Machine

  • Pod Adaptor Kit
    Pod Adaptor Kit
  • Set with Base
    Set with Base
The newest pod-adaptable version V3 with brass boiler, brass lines and chromed brass brewing head all help to maintain temperature and heat distribution for the perfect espresso.
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The newest pod-adaptable version V3 (optional).
Note: The pod adapter will not allow you to switch back to ground coffee unless removed.

The Rancilio Silvia is making the news as one the best single boiler machines in production. Like more commercial brand machines, it's all in the brass facts. Brass boiler, brass lines and chromed brass brewing head all help to maintain temperature and heat distribution for the perfect espresso.

The Silvia will deliver consistently fine espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and more, just with the touch of a button. It's beautiful to behold and simple to use. You'll be making your favorite espresso to the raves of family and friends. This is a quality machine at a terrific price.

Product Features:
•   Three thermostats - coffee, steam, and safety thermostatsunlike many other espresso machines which just have two thermostats!
•   Visible light for brewing and steaming
•   Separate switch for hot water supply
•   Body and control panel made of satin stainless steel finish which is easy to clean and mounted on a strong, iron frame
•   Simple to Use Controls
•   Milk Frothing and Hot Water
•   Quality Brewing Group
•   Commercial-Grade Portafilter and Filter Baskets
•   Commercial Quality Pressure Release System
•   Three way solenoid valve
•   Powerful 41 watt electro-magnetic pump
•   67 oz. Water Tank
•   15 BAR Heavy Duty Pump
•   Drip and Cup Tray plus Cup Heater
•   12 oz. Brass Boiler
•   One Tough Body

Rancilio Silvia Specifications:
  Colors: Brushed stainless steel
  Size: 13.25"H x 11.25"W x 9.25"D
  Weight: 30 pounds
  Power: 1100 watts - 120 volts
  Body Material: Steel frame, stainless steel housing
  Warranty: 12-month parts and labor
  Origin: Italy

Specifications and More Info
Rancilio Pod Adaptor Kit
Rancilio Pod Adaptor Kit
Pod Adaptor Kit for Rancilio Silvia and Epoca ST-1 Espresso Machines
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Rancilio  Countertop Coffee Bar Base
Rancilio Countertop Coffee Bar Base
All great things need a firm foundation and that perfect foundation for the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine and the powerful Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder series is the handsome two-drawer, stainless steel coffee bar base by Rancilio. Together they form an attractive trio of fine products for your espresso station.
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Product Reviews


This was my first 'high-end' machine after my Barista. With many commercial features, the brass boiler, the commercial size portafilter and the excellent steaming pressure, this is a great machine for under $500.00 for those that can't afford a higher priced model with a heat exchanger. I did up-grade to a HE Gensaco and I was able to sell the Silvia for only $60.00 less than my original purchase price. A great machine that holds it's value and remember.... It only costs around $60.00 more than the stainless-steel Starbucks Barista. Well worth the extra money! 


Excellent machine! Very sturdy and solidly built it offers commercial grade parts for a very reasonalbe price. With good beans, grind and espresso technique this machine can deliver exceptional shots. Be prepared to learn about espresso in order to benefit from the potential of this machine. 


Makes excellent espresso, latte, and cappucino. Requires some practice and a good coffee grinder. I use the Rocky doserless set on 8 clicks above 0. This machine is built like a tank. I recommend a longer warmup time of 20-30 minutes rather than the manufacturer's 6 minutes. Yes, you can brew after 6 minutes but get better tasting results with full heating of the brew group. Also steams milk much better if you wait 40-45 seconds rather than the 20 seconds recommended after flipping the steam switch. This machine and some experimentation has rewarded me with flavors of my favorite coffee beans that I never knew existed! 

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