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Rancilio Epoca ST-1 Features

Rancilio Epoca ST-1 Semi Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine.
Detailed Product Features:

Commercial-Grade Portafilter and Brew Group
The Epoca ST comes with a heavy-duty single spout and double spout portafilter. Chrome-plated brass portafilters are excellent for temperature stability throughout the brewing process. This commercial brew group also provides excellent heat stability as well as component longevity.

An oversized 3.9-liter heat exchanger boiler is included on this Italian espresso machine. With the power of a heat exchanger boiler, you can switch back and forth between brewing and steaming with no down time. Plus, its large size means there's more time between refills.

Three-Way Solenoid Valve
The Rancilio Epoca ST features a commercial quality three-way solenoid valve. This valve relieves the machine of water pressure, allowing you to brew again almost immediately. A solenoid valve also removes more water from the coffee puck – making it easier to empty the portafilter.

High Quality Controls
The Epoca, despite being a Prosumer machine, features simple to use controls. A rocker switch turns on the power to the machine, while a button above the brew group lets you manually start and stop the brewing process. To keep you informed during use, the Rancilio Epoca ST has two indicator lights that monitor the machine's operation. When the boiler is full and the machine is operating normally, a green light illuminates near the power rocker switch. A yellow light appears when the water level is low and needs to be filled. The Epoca also features a temperature ready light to let you know when the machine has reached proper brewing temperatures.

Cup Warmer
Since warm cups are an essential part of enjoying delicious espresso, the cup warmer on the Rancilio Epoca ST is heated passively by the machine’s large boiler, and accommodates more than a dozen cups. By brewing directly into warm cups, you won’t loose precious temperature that can alter the taste and quality of your espresso.

Steam Wand
The Epoca ST has a multi-position steam wand that makes steaming or frothing milk simple. Since the wand is on a ball-joint, you can immerse the wand into milk pitchers of various sizes, letting you make froth for lattes or cappuccinos in seconds.

Hot Water Dispenser In addition to steaming and frothing, the Epoca includes a separate dispenser for hot water for tea, hot chocolate or cafe Americanos. Just turn the knob above the dispenser and hot water is poured into your waiting cup.

Extra-Large Water Reservoir
To accommodate large applications, the Epoca features a bigger water tank than most Prosumer machines. When it's time to refill, this espresso machine will notify you with a light on the front panel.

Backflushing the Epoca should be done at least every few days, depending on usage. Simply place a blank filter basket into the portafilter and add a tablespoon of cleaner. Turn on the pump and begin the brew process. Once pressure builds, turn the pump off and the cleaner will be pushed into the brew group, through the three-way solenoid valve and down into the drip pan. Continue this process without cleaner until the water that runs out into the drip pan is clear.

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