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    2 cups half & half
    1 cup heavy cream
    4 oz. egg substitute
    2 tbs. sugar
    dash salt
    4 (1.5 oz. each) chocolate covered peppermint patties cut into 1/2 inch chunks
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    6 hard peppermint candies, crushed at last minute or 2-3 drops peppermint oil (optional)

  1. In a blender or food processor, combine half & half, cream, egg substitute, sugar, salt.
  2. Add peppermint patties and vanilla, process on high.
  3. Cover and chill thoroughly.
  4. Blend for a few seconds before pouring into the ice cream maker.
  5. Follow standard instructions.
  6. Pour the hard candies (or prppermint oil) through the opening of the clear-vue lid 1-2 minutes before the freezing process is complete.