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It seems that the traditional attitude towards coffee as a product which is definitely harmful for your health is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Serious laboratory research has confirmed that this drink activates the centers of memory and attention; besides, it protects from cancer and diabetes, helps women to lose weight and men to restore potency. But it turned out that coffee also has a long-term positive effect: according to researchers, its use can prevent amnesia in the old age.

This property of the drink is associated with the fact that caffeine contained in it enhances the electrical activity of the brain and by this increases gamma-rhythms. With that the activity of adenosine - a molecule responsible for amnesia - is blocked. By the way, a similar process of acceleration of gamma-rhythms takes place when one is trying to solve a difficult problem or a complicated puzzle. By the way, according to doctors, regular intellectual exercises also help to keep memory and attention in the senior age.

"The study has shown that coffee enhances attention, activates the cerebral cortex and accelerates the processing of information", said Martin Vrugdenhil, one of the researchers at the University of Birmingham who studied the effect of this drink on the body.

Theoretically the fact that caffeine stimulates brain activity is long known, and many know it from personal experience. Some people can't start their day without a cup of coffee, others "charge" with a caffeine-containing energy drink. The short-term awakening effect of coffee is based on the same principle of adenosine blocking, but such "prospective" effect of the drink has really become a new discovery.

Despite the possible positive effect of coffee in the old age, researchers also remind about the side effects of excessive use of the drink. Big amount of caffeine impedes healthy sleep and seriously harms the cardio-vascular system. So the scientists have to do a lot of work to separate the positive influence of the drink on the human body from its destructive effects.