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South Korean center "Science for the sake of Society", which is at the moment suing Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain, chose popular cafe Starbucks for its new victim. While the charges against KFC are that its production causes cardio-vascular diseases , at Starbucks coffee houses expensive (5 dollars and more) cups of tonic beverage and sweets accompanying them cause obesity, heart problems and cancer , as activists of the center think.

Since a cup of pure coffee by itself isn't a big threat in the sense of nutrition (5 to 10 kilo-calories ), it can be "burnt" in a couple of minutes of fast walking. The problem is not the calories but the addiction . When a coffee lover consumes another 355 mg portion of coffee containing 5 kilo-calories , the artificial sweetener, syrup or sugar in the cup, which cause clogging of arteries , become a shock to the body, reaching 230 to 310 kilo-calories . Add some cream to the coffee - and now you have 400 kilo-calories .

There are 5 retail chains in South Korea selling coffee with cakes and rolls, the nutrition value of coffee being of about 10 kilo-calories . If nothing is added to the coffee then three or four cups don't create a problem. However , one Starbucks serving of Banana Mokka Frapuccino with whipped cream "weighs" 720 kilo-calories , and the nutrition value of one serving of Extreme Ultimate Vanilla Ice Coffee is 890 kilo-calories . Considering Korean average daily diet of 2019 kilo-calories, one such drink exceeds a whole dish in calories .

Specialists also consider it a problem that Starbucks and other restaurants tend to increase the size of servings for the sake of new profits. As an answer to that, doctors insist that for each serving information about its nutrition value should be provided.