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Almost every day scientists make discoveries that are paradoxical from the point of view of old ideas. Among them is the ability of coffee to benefit the heart activity. But, like in everything, moderation is important here. You want to support your "ardent motor"? Then restrict yourself to one to three cups of this bitter and fragrant drink a day. Results of a study published in an American specialized edition - Journal of Clinical Nutrition - contradict to previous numerous declarations of doctors who stated that coffee is definitely harmful. The new results are confirmed by a series of experiments that were conducted with the participation of 27.000 ladies of senior age for 15 years, "The Daily Telegraph" newspaper writes.
The coffee lovers with moderate inclination to this drink demonstrated 30 percent decrease in the risk of cardio-vascular diseases and infarction.
Laboratory analyses also showed that the body can obtain from coffee up to 60% of all anti-oxidants. As it is known, anti-oxidants protect our cells from various dangers and reduce inflammations which could lead to vessel constriction.
Active components of this tonic drink include caffeine and polyphenols. The same polyphenols are present in red wine and also reduce the risk of cardio-vascular diseases.
Doctor Sarah Jarvis from Royal College of Therapy notes: "Like in everything, moderation should be the main guidance here. Too much physical exersize, too much coffee or alcohol is harmful for your health. But in moderate quantities they are a great benefit".