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Everybody knows that in Central America under the veil of darkness contrabandists smuggle bags of raw cocaine through the borders. However, these bags are often filled not with drugs but with coffee beans.

Illegal coffee traffic from Honduras to Guatemala aimed at making profits on higher prices and tax deductions has become a serious problem, Honduras officials say.

Guatemala exporters admit that some coffee is imported to the country from Honduras by smuggling, but they deny that the quantity of smuggled beans comes close to 767 thousand of 60-kg bags, as stated by Honduras authorities.

Honduras officials and exporters say that half of the crop of coffee beans is smuggled out of the country.

The load of contraband coffee arrives from hilly regions in the west and north of Honduras close to Guatemala border where ripening beans are protected from light by trees, which allows the coffee grains to develop into hard beans of high quality that are valued in the market.