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After a cup of coffee people become more agreeable - they say "yes" more often and change their opinion more easily, say researchers from University of Queensland (Australia).

The researchers conducted experiments with the participation of 140 students. At the beginning of the study all participants were offered to answer questions about their attitude towards euthanasia and abortions. Then the students were offered undiluted orange juice or the juice with addition of caffeine equivalent to two cups of coffee. After that the students had a look at articles which advocated the opposite opinion with weighty arguments. Finally, the students answered the same questions that were asked at the beginning of the experiment.

It turned out that the participants who used caffeine became more compliant and agreed with counter-arguments easier.

According to the chief researcher, this information is of great practical importance. "Just imagine how caffeine-containing products, for example, coffee, tea, coke or energy drinks, can influence someone's confidence in TV and radio advertising or political declarations, in a movie review he or she has read, and, finally, how he or she behaves at a business meeting while discussing business matters!" - the scientist notes.