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Extraordinary pantyhose is created - pantyhose saturated with coffee. Its unique features are: first, it will lessen your hip size, second, will save you from cellulite, and third, it will improve the elasticity and smoothness of your skin.

Now a bit of science. The fiber is saturated with microcapsules of caffeine. The temperature of the body makes the caffeine to affect the skin. It is proven that active components of caffeine stimulate metabolism, help to burn fat and make the tissue of legs firmer. This is the explanation from the website of Tightsplease.

But obviously this pantyhose - that will become absolutely common in a couple of years - can't be a miracle cure: "If people think they can put on a pair of pantyhose and then squeeze creamy cakes into themselves and look fabulous - that's only dreams", - notes Amanda Wynne from British Dietology Association in her interview to "The Guardian" newspaper.

However, now, when the summer days are coming, when you just want to walk with your legs bare, this is just the time to try new pantyhose.

Or you can just pour a cup of coffee on your legs, which will be much cheaper, because a pair of this tricky pantyhose is going to cost 27 pounds sterling. Oh yes, and if you do prefer fresh coffee to the pantyhose, wait before it cools down and only then boldly pour it on your legs - nobody has ever recommended you losing weight through burns!