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Nemox Caffe Dell Opera. Espresso Machine and Grinder Combination

Nemox Caffe Dell Opera is a compact, professional quality stainless steel espresso machine. 15 bar pump. 200 cc brass boiler. Brass filter holder. Solenoid valve. Built-in coffee grinder. Stainless steel case.
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Treat yourself and your friends to a real coffee-bar espresso, at any time, in your own home.
This is a compact, professional quality stainless steel espresso machine has a built-in steel conical grinder.
15 bar pump, solenoid valve, brass boiler, and easy froth system.
Large professional filter-holler.

  The appliance has a built-in coffee grinder with conical mills adjustable to the fraction of a millimetre.
  The large boiler is in brass, to guarantee a thermal inertia allowing excellent control of the temperature, governed by thermostats operating with a tolerance of less than 5 °C.
  The solid professional brass filter-holder retains the heat, always guaranteeing an espresso at the ideal temperature.
  All internal pipes are in brass.
  The specially designed steam spout is equipped with a device for easy frothing of milk when making a cappuccino.
  Ideal for homes, offices and small institutions.
  For espresso, cappuccino, tea, chocolate, herbal teas and hot drinks.

Product Specifications
Appliance body:Stainless steel
Pump :15 bar
Water tank - quart:3.5
Coffe thermostat- °F / °C :202 / 95
Steam Thermostat - °F / °C257 / 125
Safety thermofuse - °F / °C:305 / 150
Safety valve:by-pass
Coffee grinder with conical millsyes
Motor/Reduction - RPM:10200 / 800
Brass boiler:yes
Coffe press:yes
Stainless steel armoured heating element:yes
Chromium-plated brass filter holder:yes
Professional steam nozzle-3D:yes
Product weight:22.05 Lbs.
Color available:Stainless steel
Product Reviews


Have had mine for 2 years now, and it is still going strong, with beautifully thick, syrupy shots that always have a good head of crema...sometimes a third of the volume of my demitasse or more. Grinder is quite equal to the task, producing fine, even grind. Tamper attachment useless; I have learned how to foam my milk quite well with the less-than-desirable wand auto-foamer: submerge the hole and let it suck in the crema floating on the milk. Once you have a small head of foam, just keep the air intake hole right at under the surface, and it will continue pulling the froth under, refrothing it. It becomes like mousse--I can make peaks in it like merangue. :-P This machine is the BEST at this price point. I've been dying to use a Sylvia and do a side-by-side... My only complaint: this is a messy machine, with bad static from the grinder flinging grounds everywhere, and every drop of spray shows up on the polished steel. 


Had mine a couple months now, still own an X1 FF. The shots are much more consistent on the Nemox, probably the quality of the pfilter. Had to call the distributor to get instructions on dismantling the chute mechanism, and wish the frothing tip was better matched to the high volume of steam, the milk froths finer on the FF, but takes twice as long.....ah well you don't get something for nothing. This machine is solid and a pleasure to use. Had my doubts at first but think there is nothing that close in its price range. It accomplishes the essential in having a good grinder with infinite control for espresso. Also, enough of a tank that i can let it go for awhile between waterings. The FF's tank is like a suggestion in comparison. And, it does have good build quality. 


This is a very good machine and does what it is designed for. It makes excellent espresso and has a powerful steam to foam milk with ease. The grinder is excellent too. Grinds fast and the grinding levels can be adjusted. I have the machine for a week and very pleased with the results. It's also quite compact which is nice if you have not an oversized kitchen.  

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