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Nemox Caffe Napoletana. Espresso Machine and Grinder Combination

The ULTIMATE machine with built-in professional grinder. Pressure gauge, 15 bar pressure, brass filter holder, built-in pressure gauge, painted steel case and stainless steel boiler.
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Espresso making is a form of art and your hands can guarantee the best results.
The Nemox Caffe Napoletana machine with built-in professional grinder.
Silver finish, stainless steel body and heavy duty filter holder.

  Painted steel body, robust and resistant.
  15 bar pump.
  Stainless steel boiler.
  1000W stainless steel heating element.
  Ergonomic switches.
  Built-in pressure indicator, it displays coffee dispensing pressure to make coffee more suitable to personal taste.
  Steam/hot water nozzle works on spheres allowing a 3D operation.
  The solid brass filter-holder maintains the heat, ensuring the temperature for your espresso is always ideal.
  Large steam capacity.
  Built-in professional coffee grinder with conical mills.
Product Reviews


I am positively surprised of the quality. very good workmanship, espresso quality is outstanding. Happy. 


I read braves about this machine in an Australian site and must say I am more than happy. I decided to buy this machine after bad experience with Rancilio Silvia that broke on me few times (I got read from it on ebay.) I have the nemox for few months now, no problems and overall quality is much better. recommended to everyone! 

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