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NEMOX GELATO PRO 5K CREA, Professional Table-Top Ice Cream Maker

NEMOX GELATO PRO 5K CREA IS A PROFESSIONAL GELATO, ICE CREAM & SORBET MAKER. It is the most compact fully automatic table-top unit. Made in Italy. 120V/60Hz/1 Phase - 650W, AUTOMATIC program and storage, Automatic storage function. S/S case and paddle. Air cooling. Gas R404. Optional removable bowl.
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In addition to the normal manual function, the operator has at his disposal:
•   4 Specific production programs (Gelato Classico - SemiSoft Ice Cream - Granita Shock freezing)
•   4 Specific storage programs selectable depending on the different needs and characteristics of the product

These automatic programs, as well as ensuring the best results, make the machine completely autonomous leaving the operator free to focus on other tasks.

Key Features:
•   Functional, powerful, fast and convenient, it grants the highest quality in gelato/ice cream and sorbet preparation.
•   Inner bowl is AISI 304 stainless steel.
•   Continuous operating capability allows rapid production of several different flavours.
•   The machine body is entirely made of stainless steel, like the mixer blade, featuring replaceable inserts.
•   Air cooling.
•   Mechanical 30 minute timer.

Makes :
1.25 kg every 12-15 minutes or 5 kg / 7 L / or 7.4 qt per hour!

120V/60Hz/1 Phase
Air cooling
AISI 304 stainless steel  fixed bowl
3,2 l. - 3.4 qt
Max Ingredients qty
1,25 Kg-1,2 l-1.3 qt
Max Production/Hour 
5 Kg-7 l-7.4 qt
Preparation time
Mixing motor control by electronic board  
Electronic production and storage programs  
Mixing motor - Induction with thermostat  
Thermic safety - Compressor and mixing motor
70 rpm
Variable mixing speed
Wheels with brakes (RF) or adjustable feet (PR)
Stainelss steel body
cm 17.9"
cm 20"
cm 16.3"
Net Weight
75 lb
Shipping Carton
23.6x22.4x22 in, - 92 lb
Accessories included
Ice cream spatula
Paddle inserts
1 set
Optional Accessories
Removable bowl
3.4 qt

Please note: NO FREE SHIPPING for this model is available.
The professional ice cream machine Gelato Pro 5K CREAships by truck on a pallet. The shipping cost will be added to the order amount upon determination.

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Additional Removable Bowl  for GELATO-PRO-3000, GELATO-PRO-6000
Additional Removable Bowl for GELATO-PRO-3000, GELATO-PRO-6000
Keep cranking out the homemade icecream with an additional removeable bowl for your Nemox Gelato Pro 3000 or 6000 Commercial Ice Cream Makers. Purchase several additional freezing bowls and you will be able to make batch after batch of fresh homemade ice cream for your customers.
Availability: Backordered until mid of March, 2019
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