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Nemox "Caffe Junior" - Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

Espresso & Cappuccino machine. 15 bar pump. 150 cc stainless steel boiler. Built-in pressure gauge. Brass filter holder. Painted steel case.
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Just fill the filter with the desired amount of ground coffee, put your mug under the machine and dispense as much coffee as you wish !
Built-in pressure guage, 15 bar pump, stainless steel boiler, heavy filter-holder, pressure relief system. JUNIOR can also be used for making American coffee.

  Painted steel body, robust and resistant.
  15 Bar, 50W pump
  Stainless steel boiler
  1000W stainless steel heating element.
  Ergonomic switches
  Built-in pressure relief system with indicator, it displays coffee dispensing pressure to make coffee more suitable to personal taste.
  Steam/hot water nozzle works on spheres allowing a 3D operation
  The solid brass filter-holder maintains the heat, ensuring the temperature for your espresso is always ideal.
  Large steam capacity.
  60 mm portafilter.

Nemox JUNIOR Specifications
Appliance body:Painted steel
Pump :15 bar, 50 W
Gage :Brew pressure
Removable water tank wih water level indicator - quart:2
Coffe thermostat- °F / °C :202 / 95
Steam Thermostat - °F / °C257 / 125
Safety thermofuse - °F / °C:303 / 152
Safety valve:by-pass
One and two cups filteryes
Professional filter holder:Chrome-plated brass
Stainless steel boiler:yes, capacity 1500cc
Coffe press:yes
Stainless steel armoured heating element:yes
Integrated pressure gauge:yes
Professional steam nozzle-3D:yes
Product weight:22 Lbs.
Color available:Silver painted
Power:120V 60Hz 970W
Pod adaptor:optional (+$12.00)
Product Reviews


'Junior' has served us very well for years! it 's a beauty!! doesn't take up too much space and makes a great cuppa if you use a good grinder. We're Australian fans. 

( )

A great little espresso and cappuccino maker with plenty of steam pressure and a great crema! The gauge is very handy. Built like a tank! 

( )

Buy this one, outperform any Gaggia I had for much less $$. The gauge is GENIOUS - helps you determin the level of grinding, so you get Espresso and cappucino perfecto.! 

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