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Caffé FENICE, 15 bar Pump Espresso Machine by Nemox

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Espresso & Cappuccino Machine. 15 bar pump. 200 cc brass boiler. Brass filter holder. Stainless steel case.
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The small professional, Nemox Caffe Fenice, has been designed to satisfy those who expect perfection and professional standards.
With gleaming stainless steel bodywork, a large 200 cc brass boiler, and a 3-way solenoid valve, you can expect restaurant quality results.

The professional solid brass filter-holder retains the heat, guaranteeing an espresso that is always at the ideal temperature.
The specially designed professional-style 3-directional steam spout is equipped with a metal turbo-froth device for easy frothing of milk when making a cappuccino. It also dispenses hot water for your other favorite hot drinks.

Nemox Caffe Fenice Features:
  Powerful 15 bar pump pressure
  3-way solenoid valve to facilitate continuous use, just like the professional machines
  Large capacity removable water tank 2 liter/68 oz
  Three separate thermostats: coffee thermostat - 95°C /202°F, steam thermostat - 125°C / 257°F, and safety thermo-fuse - 150°C / 305°F
  By-pass safety valve
  Large brass boiler 200 ml - quickly heats water for coffee and steam, has a quick recovery time, and provides for powerful, continuous steam generation
  Stainless steel armored heating element
  All internal pipes are also brass
Product Reviews


This is a great machine. My only complaint is the tamper is much smaller then the filter basket. They should make it the correct size 


Love the machine. Pulling great shots with nice crema (same as more expense machines my friends have). This is my first Espresso machine and would buy again. You do need to buy the proper tamper. Also would have like a longer frothing wand. Only good about 12 ounce forthing pitcher. Can not really complain about much less for that price. 


This is my first espresso machine. I am pulling great shots on a consistent basis. The machine is almost the exact same parts as a (twice as much $) Rancillio Silvia. You will definitely need a 57mm tamper as the one included is horrible. The steam wand leaves a little to be desired but it is not so bad that its a deal breaker. Overall, I am very happy with this machine and would recommend to anyone for a first machine. 

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