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Meseta Capsules System

Meseta - Co.ind groupMeseta Capsules System
Meseta is a trade mark of the Co.ind group, which was set up in 1961 and is today recognized as one of the major Italian coffee house companies with over 9,000 tonnes (as per 2010) of green coffee roasted per year.
"Meseta Capsules System", a system composed of very elegant, compact and extremely convenient espresso machines and espresso capsules for a real "Italian espresso" experience.
The quality of each Meseta capsule is guaranteed by a series of specific quality checks carried out during each phase of the production process. Great care is taken in selecting the best crude coffees from their respective countries of origin. Once the coffee has arrived to Italy, tasting sessions and thorough chemical/physical analyses are performed. The green coffee beans are roasted by following well-defined computerized roasting curves so as to enhance certain specific characteristics. This is followed by a skillful mixing process.
In the end, the coffee is packed in capsules and left to rest inside the warehouse for it to reach the right level of maturation. The result is the best possible Italian espresso, West of Milano…

Meseta  espresso capsula Meseta Capsules System is the new and innovative way to enjoy a perfect espresso coffee in biodegradable capsule comfortably at home. The result is a blend with character and fullness, combining body and aroma into Meseta Capsules System biodegradable coffee capsules. The Meseta Capsules System Espresso blend is the one that best represents Meseta long roasting experience. Thanks to its special roast, the selected Robusta beans from India, Africa and the Far East are mixed to perfection with the Arabica beans from the plateaus of Brazil.

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