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Mauro Italian Coffee

Mauro "De Luxe" Italian Coffee Beans (6 x 2.2 lb Bags)

This special coffee blend is the top in Mauro's range. Join the aromatic qualities of Arabica with the body of the finest varieties of Robusta in a rich, creamy, velvety espresso that has a slight chocolate aroma.
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70% Arabica 30% Robusta - Aromatic and round tasting blend, made from a high percentage of first-class Brazilian beans Arabica balanced with the best Asian Robusta beans.

1000 gr. (2.2 lb) beans bag. (By case only).
6 bags per case.
Product Reviews


Let me preface my comments with the fact that I grew-up in a family where my Italian father Armando Vincenzo Ruoti appreciated fine northern & southern Italian food and good coffee. Because of this I have been fortunate to be experiencing good espresso for many years. This experience was the foundation for making me into a true espresso connoisseur over the years. I made my first shots of the Caffè Mauro De Luxe that I received from 800-Espresso.com this morning via UPS. I would like it to go down on record that those shots of espresso rate in the top 3 espresso drinking experiences of my life! The other two probably had more to do with location (outside cafe's in San Francisco & Europe) than the espresso itself! The espresso out of my La Pavoni Professional this morning was a true Italian Espresso. I've heard the stories about the Italian espresso bean manufacturers keeping the best beans for themselves. But when I opened the first bag this morning, my concerns vanished as it was obvious these were beautiful beans and it did not appear to me that Caffè Mauro had lowered the quality of their export beans in any shape of form. The espresso was actually  


one of the best !!! 


MAURO DELUX ... come to my Studio 275 in Derby CT and enjoy the finest coffee you will meet. The Dark Cocoa overtones make this a magical ride on the wild side only to finish with dynamite smooth as silk enjoyment. 


I have tried every Italian caffe. This has the perfect blend to produce thick crema with full body flavor. The only other that comes close to it is Caffe guglielmo and bristot. 

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