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Lavazza Crema E Gusto Ground (case: 20 x 8.8 oz bricks)

Item code: lav008-imp-ef-3835
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Product Reviews


Great Lavazza coffee, thanks! I was very glad to see it is pre-ground excellently for espresso or moka brewing. The roast is dark and bold, just as I like it. 


Best Coffee ever!!! 


It's what everyone drinks in their homes in Italy. What can I say? They know espresso and they take it seriously ... so do I!! 


Best espresso ever --- Starbucks and others taste yucky compared to this -- and I can brew it at home! Crema Y Gusto is a perfect name for it. 


An excellent coffee that has continues to be my favorite since my first taste back in 1991, while I was stationed in Italy. It still continues to have that same great taste. 

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