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La Pavoni

La Pavoni

La Pavoni system of obtaining the coffee and the mechanics of the machines remained the same till the post-war period, although it sometimes created a sour, "burnt" taste, caused by the fact that - while brewing - steam (in addition to water) was let through the coffee.
Napolitana  S/S  Espresso Maker
La Pavoni Stradavari 16 cup Professional
La Pavoni Stradavari 8 cup
La Pavoni  `Professional` PC-16
La Pavoni Professional Black Base, PBB-16
La Pavoni `Europiccola` Chrome/Black, EPBB-8
La Pavoni `Europiccola` Chrome Base EPC-8
La Pavoni Professional Gold plated, 16 cups
La Pavoni Display Base, Black