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Kona Coffee Plantation

Kona Plantation

"This is the finest<a href= coffee plantation, with the largest percentage of high grade coffee that I have ever seen in Kona, and I have seen many over the years!"">

Aloha Island Farms is the private Kona coffee plantation of Aloha Island Coffee Company. It is located near the village of Kealakekua in the famous Kona coffee-growing region on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the slopes of the volcano Mauna Loa.

Kona Coffee

The Kona coffee-growing region is admired by coffee experts throughout the world because of its ideal conditions for the production of Kona coffee. The volcanic soil, hot tropical sunshine, cool shade each afternoon, and rainfall that occurs during peak growing times, produces a coffee that is naturally low acid and has an exceptionally smooth texture.

The Kona Coffee of Aloha Island

The Kona coffee of Aloha Island is planted, nurtured, picked and processed by hand. There is no production line involved with the 100% pure Kona coffee of Aloha Island. Each coffee selection is handcrafted with patience and care. The Kona coffee of Aloha Island is a labor of love and reflects the heart and soul of the Big Island of Hawaii and the people who live and work at Aloha Island Farms.