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Kimbo Espresso Napoletano Ground Coffee (case: 12 cans)

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The special grind and the traditional Neapolitan roasting give Espresso Napoletano its smooth creamy taste. Ideal for moka percolator and espresso coffee machine.
Sold by the case. Twelve 8.5 oz (250 gr) cans per case.

Kimbo Espresso Napoletano has its smooth creamy taste from the special grind and traditional Napoletano roasting methods. This roast is ideal for moka percolator and espresso coffee machines.
It is great for both espresso and cappuccino.

Sold by the case.
Twelve 8.5 oz (250 gr) cans per case.
Product Reviews


There is no better product of this kind in the world! 


I have food allergies and am allergic to sulfites. I took a break from coffee for over a month, and then tried Kimbo. I noticed when I drink it I have none of the irritating symptoms and sometimes chest pain I get from American coffee. I actually feel great in the morning after drinking Kimbo. So I can testify that it is probably sulfite free, as it gives me no reactions. 


As retired Navy pulled into Naples numerous times from the 70s to the 90s and hooked on Kimbo, serve it all my friends and they love it. Great in the LaPavoni. 


I am another service member that got HOOKED on the Kimbo brand while serving in Naples. VERY good. 


I lived in Italia for 5 years. When I go back to visit my friend in Napoli I savor the Kimbo. I have it shipped to my home here in the States. My wife and I daily enjoy our cappucino in the morning and a cafe after dinner. 

( )

Lived in Naples for 4 years. THIS is true Neapolitan coffee. Loved it in there from '97-'01. Still drink it daily in the States. Goes hand in hand with LaPavoni machines. 

( )

I live in Naples now. The black label is our favorite. My wife and I don't plan on doing without it when we move back to the states. 

( )

I lived in Naples for three(3) years while I was in the military. I fell in love with kimbos expresso coffee. Do you have any expresso cafe ventures here in the US 

( )

It seems to me this is a classic Neopolitan coffee, quite suitable for my home use espresso machine. 

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