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Illy Cafe Espresso Dark Scuro Fine Grind (case: 12 cans)

Illy Scuro Fine Grind / Ground Espresso Dark Roast Coffee for espresso, cappuccino and Italian moka.
Item code: illy-coffee-490-7800-7780-138045
Retail Price: $199.00
Item Total:
Availability: Yes
Coffee Type: Ground
Roast: Dark (Scuro)
Grind: Fine Grind
Size: 250 grams (8.8 oz)
Item #: 00490
Quantity per case: 12 (twelve)
Sold by case only
Fine Grind for espresso, cappuccino and Italian moka.
Product Reviews


Many other types of espresso are excellent and there is nothing wrong with them. In fact, if you prefer to add lots of flavors and use espresso shots as a flavoring rather than the main ingredient of your drink, than I would stick with an espresso that you can buy at any store. However, when any other espresso that I've tried is compared side by side with Illy Dark Fine, it clearly stands out above others. It is very expensive but if you like a traditional Italian espresso than this will not disappoint. 


Yes, that's true. I know also that Illy is the #1 choice of 4-star chefs. Now, after I purchase this coffee for three years, I can confirm that it it has true Italian, very consistent taste. 


I have enjoyed esprsso all over the world, yet, Illy (dark roast espresso) stands alone and above all. It is the best coffee in the world. I'm a believer! 

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