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Espresso Machine Ratings

My husband and I traveled to Italy last month and he fell in love with the coffee. I would like to consinder with him espresso machine ratings that would allow him to make comparable coffee at home. He is a bit impatient learning how to use new equipment and I would like features that allow you to steam the milk etc. I noticed in some reviews on other sites they talk about the water not getting hot enough and of course everyone wants hot coffee. I don't have any price points in mind, just want it to be easy, hot and something he can use every day without a lot of trouble. Sorry I don't drink coffee so I may be missing some important features that would be important that I haven't listed. Any help would be appreciated.

The best choice for coffee novice is to study any super automatic espresso machine ratings, you will not have problems with it and these machines are the easiest to use and maintain. Choose Saeco Vienna De Luxe or Spidem Divina Deluxe, both machines can steam milk, and you can read on the pages with these machines some customer reviews.

I can get a saeco exclusive for the same price as the saeco vienna. Which do you recommend?

Both Saeco Viena and Seaco Exclusive have good espresso machine ratings and they make good espresso. Pelope mostly buy Saeco Viena, maybe because of the price, and I was very surpired to know you can purchase Exclusive for the price of Viena machine. It sounds strange, though make sure you purchase a new machine with all instructuions and warranty period etc. Actually I've never heard any complaints about Saeco machines and nobody told they break so far. I think it will be a good choice.

I am torn between the briel chamoix, saeco via veneto and the trevi express machines. HELP! I am interested in HOT lattes, with a wand that I can put a small pitcher under, easy to clean, can give me 2 shots within a short time WHICH MACHINE WOULD BE THE ONE????

People usually choose Saeco models because of their quality.