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Espresso cups

Some questions and answers from our espresso forum CoffeeFun.com

What espresso cups do you use for your coffee?

I use Happy Faces espresso cups now and I really like them. They are very nice and it is very important for me to have nice cups.

I use very thick Illy cups for espresso, and average thickness for my cappucino.

Tom Brunt:
I have a couple LM logo cups that are very thick.
They are all white and I think that might be what makes them look thicker.

La Marzocco cups in set of 6.

Happy Faces too very nice cups indeed

I'm kinda generic. When I'm at home I use these ceramic mugs that my best friend gave me as a housewarming gift when I moved into my apartment. When I'm at work I drink out of a plastic travel mug that I got for Christmas (along with a bag of Archer Farms coffee), & when I'm on the go I have a stainless steel travel mug that fits in the cup holders in my car.

I use Lomonosov Porcelain cups both at home and at my office. Lomonosov's porcelain is great, it is very nice. I purchased two Black Night sets (coffee cup & saucer) recently and I use one of them at home and the other at work

I like my coffee always hot, in a ceramic mug. I have a favorite mug that has been around the world with me.

It is not important for me which cup I use for my espresso. But it should be preheated!