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Espresso Coffee

The popularity of espresso, coffee at its purest and most intense, has grown exponentially in the past decade. This article provides a lucid, engaging examination of espresso's lore, legend, and culture. Espresso is the perfect introduction to the world of specialty coffee.

Espresso is just coffee and nothing else is added to it. It is a strait shot from espresso machine. As for latte, milk is really used to make it. It is a mixture of an espresso shot and milk steamed to a velvety consistency.

Espresso is served immediately; this is why it is called ESPRESSO (from the Italian word for express). An espresso is made from 7 grams of finely ground coffee. The coffee is brewed during 25-30 seconds by forcing water of 95 degrees through the packed espresso (not boiling water!). The espresso should drip out of the port-a-filter like warm butter; have a creamy-brown color and 10-30 % of crema.

My espresso tip: Steam the cup before making the expresso. (I hate a cold cup)

I know that the easiest and most inexpensive way to create a true espresso experience at home is with a moka pot or stovetop espresso maker. When using a stovetop espresso maker don't use too much heat when brewing. Be slow and patient while making your coffee.

There are lots of places to check out the various ways to prepare espresso and its derivative drinks. I will naturally plug my friends site, CoffeeFun.com It has a barista page dedicated to making light of the many varieties of espresso drinks. I think the names would make more sense if we all spoke Italian...