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Espressione CAFÉ MINUETTO PROFESSIONAL Espresso Maker with Durable INOX housing.

  • Black Finish
    Black Finish
Solid performing espresso maker sporting a classy yet modern design. Engineered with a powerful 1000 watt thermoblock heating mechanism and a Maxi Cappuccino device to produce espressos and rich creamy cappuccinos.
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Espressione Cafe Minuetto Professional is a solid performing espresso maker sporting a classy yet modern design.
Features 15 bars of pump pressure along with a thermoblock heating system for creation of instant steam.
Equipped with a Maxi Cappuccino device to produce rich creamy cappuccinos.
Safety features include a high pressure safety valve, self priming temperature controlled boiler, and rubber grip handles.
Convenient features such as a cup warmer on top, large capacity water reservoir with a visible level indicator, and a removable drip tray make it easy to use and maintain.

Comes with a versatile filter holder and three filters that accommodate both ground coffee as well as ESE coffee pods. Durable INOX housing with front in silver varnished ABS.

Additional features include:
•   Works with both ground coffee and ESE serving pods
•   INOX housing with front in silver varnished ABS
•   Large removable 1.1 liter transparent water tank
•   Powerful 15 bar thermoblock pump for fast and safe heating
•   Thermo cream system and Maxi-Cappuccino device optimize the temperature and frothing functions to produce smooth and creamy cappuccinos
•   Error control and overheat protection to ensure proper brewing and frothing
•   Creates all types of espresso based coffee beverages
•   Accessories include: a versatile filter holder and three filters that accommodate both ground coffee and ESE coffee serving pods, a measuring spoon that also compresses ground coffee into the basket
•   Machine operates at 110v and 1000 watts
•   Measurements: 12" x 11.3" x 14.7" 14.5 lbs

Product Reviews


It's the fresh ground coffee that makes a good crema, not the machine itself. However, this machine IS GREAT! It's so easy to use and such an improvement over my DeLonghi. The water reservoir is easy to remove and fill. It has a great frothing wand and hardly makes any noise when you froth milk. (My DeLonghi hisses loudly and has a dial you had to turn to adjust the amount of steam coming out, a total pain!) This machine just has a selection for steam, and that is so much better! I let mine heat up for 20 minutes before I use it, with the filter basket IN the machine so it gets hot too. THEN you remove it and fill it with espresso. Using a tamper is ESSENTIAL!! And always froth/steam your milk first before you pull your shot. This machine's filter basket also has 2 holes on the bottom, built in, so you can pull two 'mouse tails' and fill 2 separate demitasse cups at once. NICE!! I give it 5 stars because it is solid, heavy, sturdy, and a gem to use!! A switch to turn it on and a simple dial that has only 2 selections: one for steam, the other for espresso. How much easier could that be?  


by far the best machine I have ever owned. Makes awesome cup of espresso with nice crema and froth is simple to use. The pods make things so simple with no mess. Definitely would recommend. A+ 

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