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Coffee Table

Robert hadn't lived in his 1960's high-rise apartment in Chicago very long when he called me for help. Nothing looked or felt right to him. He recognized that his eclectic coffee table furnishings weren't being well used in this space.

Similar to many apartments of this era, this one featured a 21' x 16' living room with an L-shaped dining room, standard 8 1/2' ceilings, parquet flooring and large, if architecturally undistinguished, windows.

The first thing I noticed was the odd placement of the butler's coffee table behind the sofa, which had been positioned in the middle of the room with its back to the main entranceway. The coffee table was a lovely piece that deserved more attention. It needed to take center stage to become the anchor for the conversation area.

The transformation began by rotating the seating arrangement 180 degrees. With the sofa in front of the windows and the wing chairs opposite, the major visual and physical obstacle to the flow of the room was immediately eliminated.

Next, we moved the butler's coffee table in front of the sofa, where it would be accessible and become the centerpiece for the new conversation area. The upholstered ottoman was centered in front of the two chairs. The tall bookcases, which made the standard-height ceilings appear low, were moved to the entrance foyer, where they were placed side by side.