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Coffee Grinder Review

Does the Capresso Infinity coffee grinder review make grind for any tye of espresso machines? I mean, should I purchase it only for Capreso machine or not?

Also, is this grinder easy to maintain?

As far as I know it is better to use Capresso coffee grinder review with Capresso line of machines. I also know that Capresso has always produced high quality coffee equipment.

With this grinder you can grind for any type of coffee maker and most espresso machines if they have a pressurized portafilter or crema disk

This grinder is very easy to maintain and you can clean it within a minute and use it again. Simply remove the empty bean container then lift the upper burr and clean inside the grinding chamber with the enclosed brush.

I know that Capresso grinders and espresso machines have always been the best quality.

could not find a better grinder so far...

I am going to purchase La Pavoni PA Burr grinder, but somebody told me it is very messy. Can anyone tell me if it is really so? Is it worth buying at all?

Yes, I am sorry to say, but it is very messy and coffee powder is all over the place. A great deal of this powder is left on the plastic container. Also it is not so easy to clean the coffee dust that accumulates on the shoot.