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Flavoured Coffee:
Personally, I like flavoured coffee, though I usually stick to the traditional varieties like Vanilla, Hazelnut or a good Irish Cream. I've not experimented with newer concoctions, like blueberry, rum raisin or candy apple. That's just not 'coffee' anymore, in my opinion.

Coffee Regions:
The region from where a coffee is grown has a lot to do with how it tastes. The soil and climate of a specific area affects the growing conditions of the tree and the flavor of its coffee beans. A coffee grown in Kenya will taste very different from a coffee grown in Costa Rica. That's not to say better or worse, only different. One of the joys of gourmet coffees is tasting all of the different varieties, learning to identify and describe the nuances that distinguish them. We can indeed separate the varietals (unblended coffee from a single country, region, and crop) into geographic families displaying similar characteristics.

Quick Coffee:
Instant coffee was invented back in 1906 by George C. Washington. He was an Englishman living in Guatemala and a chemist by trade. An avid coffee-drinker, he noticed a powdery buildup on the spout of his favorite silver coffee pot. That prompted his curiosity and further experimentation followed. He eventually produced a dried coffee crystal much like we still have today. His brand was called Red E Coffee.

Turkish coffee:
To prepare Turkish coffee, you will need an ibrik. The sizes of ibriks can vary greatly, making it difficult to provide exact measurements. As a general rule, you can't have too much sugar or too much coffee! Spoon several teaspoons of sugar into the bottom of the pot. Fill the pot with purified or spring water up to the point where the pot begins to narrow. Fill the rest of the space, up to the very rim, with extra-fine coffee grounds (any ground spices can be added to the coffee grounds, or if ground is unavailable, whole spices can be thrown in with the sugar). For Turkish coffee to work, you must grind it until it is as fine as baby powder. If you don't have a grinder that can manage this, just ask your local coffeehouse to grind your beans for you before you go. Be sure to tell them you will be brewing Turkish-style.