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Specifications and More Info

Jura-Capresso IMPRESSA F9
Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso Center with two heating and two frother systems.

Model 13171
(Chrome with Black accents)

This new Super Automatic espresso machine is an industry leader. It's ability to continuously brew coffee and froth milk is unmatched! The ultimate coffee center, featuring two independent heating systems for frothing and coffee extraction.
Features: Benefits: Coffee
Automatic Coffee Center This is more then just an "Espresso Machine"! It is easily capable of making any style of cappuccino or latte. In fact, most of our customers use their Super Automatic espresso machines for "crema coffee" instead of drip coffee. Crema coffee is simply an espresso brewed to fill a regular coffee mug. This produces a much more aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee as a result of the pressure brewed process (8 to 10 atmospheres of pressure!) that gravity based drip coffee systems simply cannot match. The Jura S90 will also produce hot water for tea or Americanos and even steam milk for lattes, cappuccinos or hot chocolate!
Push Button Technology with LED Display Press the brew button and the machine does the rest. It will automatically grind and extract the coffee to your desired taste. When the coffee is finished brewing it will place the coffee grounds into an internal dump box for latter disposal (it will even tell you when it is full). Depending on the size of the coffee that you are brewing it will be done in as quick as 35 seconds and ready to brew again.
LED Display- Choose from seven languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.
Programmable Brew Buttons The S90 is very unique in that it enables the user to adjust the coffee dosage for its 5 programmable brew buttons. The brew buttons are preset for single and double shot espresso, single and double caffé crema coffees and a large mug. You have control over the amount of coffee that is ground (5 to 16 grams) as well as the amount of liquid volume brewed (1/2 ounce to 16 ounces). The simple to use control panel, LED display and programmable brew buttons gives you and your family unprecedented flexibility to adjust the coffee to your precise desires.
Two Independent Heating Systems This unique feature really shines when you want to entertain. Unlike home machines, you can switch between brewing and steaming with no wait time. You can produce lattes and cappuccinos in around 60 seconds.
Temperature Control You have a choice of regular or high. This will come in handy for those who like a hotter cup of coffee.
Two-step Pre-Infusion Cycle This two step pre-infusion cycle is another advantage of this Super Automatic coffee center. The first step takes about three seconds as it moistens and conditions the ground coffee. Next a 2 second pause allows the aromatic oils to leach from the interior of the coffee. The second step activates the high pressure pump to ensure absolute maximum flavor extraction with a perfect crema topping.
Professional Conical Burr Grinder With six fineness settings you can grind from fine to coarse to accommodate any style of coffee roast; light, medium or dark.
Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water
CupFrother® with Continuous Steam Output & Dual Settings This is the simplest, fastest and easiest to maintain system for frothing and heating milk. The S90 comes with a separate milk container that attaches to the frothing tip. When you are finished simply remove for storage in the refrigerator. The frothing is controlled by a valve that changes the ratio of steam to milk. Froth enough milk for 2 cappuccinos in only 20 seconds. There is no need for a steaming pitcher and the associated wasted milk... froth directly into your cup!
Hot Water Dispenser Makes a cup of tea or add hot water to your espresso to make an Americano in less than 30 seconds.
Benefits: Care, Maintenance & Other
Self Cleaning system This is perfect for those of us that want minimal maintenance. Over time coffee oils will buildup on certain parts of any coffee maker and these need to be cleaned for several reasons. The oils will turn rancid and will impart a bitter taste to the coffee. The S90 keeps track of your usage and will tell you (via the LED display) when it is time for cleaning. The machine comes with 6 cleaning tablets.
ClarisTM  Water Care System This cartridge is made from organic materials without chemical additives. The organic ion exchanger and activated charcoal filling reduce calcium deposits, heavy metals and other contaminants. Fluoride and other substances essential to health remain in the water. The following substances (if present) are filtered out of the water: carbon hardness up to 75 %, chlorine up to 85%, lead up to 90%, copper up to 95%, and aluminum up to 67%. The cartridges will generally be effective for about 2 months at a cost of about $10 each.
96oz Removable Water Container Good for 60 espressos or 18 cups of coffee at a time. When the water level is low the LED display will tell you.
10oz Bean Container Grind up to 40 portions of coffee before refilling.
Five-level Water Hardness Selector Use this feature if you choose not to utilize the ClarisTM  Water Care System. Set the machine to your water hardness (comes with a water hardness indicator strip). After a certain amount of coffee has been brewed the machine will indicate that it is time to decalcify.
Auto On & Auto Off The S90 has a built in programmable clock and timer. The S90 will turn itself on at the programmed time and will be ready for your first cup when you are. The auto shutoff can be programmed to turn the S90 off from 30 minutes to 9 hours.

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