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Cafejo Automatic Brewers TE-200 Series

  • TE-218 w/ SteelVac
    TE-218 w/ SteelVac
  • TE-220 w/ Airpot
    TE-220 w/ Airpot
Cafejo’s TE-200 Series brewers bring all of the flavor of a gourmet coffee house to your workplace while offering increased levels of safety, convenience,and economy. These brewers will give you years of trouble-free brewing.
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Designed for offices of 5 to 100 people.
Just touch a button and brew. Whether you need a hot water spigot for tea, soup or cocoa, or a low-profile brewer to fit under your cabinet, Cafejo has the right plumbed-in, automatic brewing solution for you.

These automatic systems are manufactured to meet the demands of a medium to large size business. Engineered and constructed with the most advanced electronics and highest quality materials, these state-of-the-art automatic systems are designed for years of dependable, trouble-free service.
Their attractive appearance will look great anywhere, and the custom molded housing makes it safe and easy to clean. Now you can have the best in brewing technology at the touch of a button.


Available models:
•   16" TE-216 with Pro Server, 1.9 Liter Professional Server included. Dimensions: 16"H x 9"W x 14"D
•   18" TE-218 with SteelVac, 2.0 Liter SteelVac included. Dimensions: 18"H x 9"W x 14"D
•   120" TE-220 with Airpot, 2.2 Liter Airpot included. Could be used with All Airpots, handy Pot and 2.5L ZoSplit. Dimensions: 20"H x 9"W x 14"D

Standard Features:
•   Designed for offices of 5 to 100 people.
•   SCAA Gold Cup Standard.
•   Energy Savings of $25 Per Month
•   205°F, Brewing Temperature
•   Leak detection
•   Plumbed-In Automatic
•   Ready And Brewing Light
•   Molded Unibody Housing
•   1-Year Limited Warranty
•   Capacity Per Hour: 120-5 oz Cups
•   Brewing Cycle: 5 Minutes for 60 oz
•   Electrical: 120V, 1715 Watts 50/60 Hertz, 15 Amps
•   Shipping Weight: 15 Lbs

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