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Briel Cadiz Semi - Auto Espresso Machine

Briel Cadiz is a recent addition to the Briel line of 'Maxi' machines. It offers a sleek, modern Stainless Steel exterior with more features including Briel's Auto Espresso Flow and a warming plate for pre-heating cups.
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Briel Cadiz has Metallic faceplates for durability and has good looking accents. Color: black.
Includes a new and improved version of adaptable ESE for use with ground coffee or coffee servings (pods)!

Additional features include:
  Constant 15 Bar pump pressure producing a savory espresso with perfect crema every time.
  ESE adapted for use with ground coffee or coffee servings (pods).
  Filter holder and filter basket for ground coffee/Special filter for coffee servings (pods).
  Turbo Jet Frother, a Briel exclusive, produces plentiful dry steam for a thick milk froth for a cappuccino or latte.
  Crema MasterTM filter produces rich genuine crema every time and AquaStop™ No-Drip System prevents dripping and need to "bleed" machine of remnant water.
  Stainless steel boiler – it’s better!
  "OK" light signals when machine is ready for brewing or frothing.
  Two thermostats regulate the coffee cycle and steaming process, with a third "safety" thermostat located on the pump in the event of abnormal or continuous use.
  Push button switches – dependable quality.
  Large, removable water reservoir that fills from the top.
  Water level visible from the front.
  Water filter on intake.
  Removable overflow tray for easy cleanup.
  Built in coffee tamper and measuring spoon included.
  10-Year Pump Warranty (exclusively Briel).
  UL approved
  120 volts, 1200 watts

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Product Reviews


I HAVE A BRIEL CHAMONIC AND I JUST GET ANOTHER TO BAD THAT I DIN;T SEE THESE ONE BEFORE I GET The one i get I Like these one Better i my return the one i get and buy these one ..... 


I have owned a Briel Cadiz model for more than 6yrs now. After constant use, it still performs excellently. Only recently it has been showin some signs of losing some steam pressure when using the steam nozzle, but it's normal for a 6yr old machine with daily use (for an espresso fanatic!) 


I have own this machine over two years, and it has preformed extremely well. It heats up rapidly then creates a high-quality golden cream on top at the right temperature. I use it approximately three times a day with no troubles with this machine. I like the removable tray because it’s dishwasher safe. The water sight indicator lets me know when I need the fill the water reservoir. Also, it makes excellent tea and first-rate cappuccino. Moreover, this machine is simple to operate, and I would recommend it to anybody. 


I have been in pursuit of a machine that would meet my requirements for a long time but never settled for just anyone with an expensive price tag. I flew all the way to the contry of it's origin and brought the Cadiz back with me. The word for this machine is  


I have had my machine for over a year and love it!! It took some getting practice, but now the espresso and lattes I make taste just as good if not better than what I buy from our local coffee shop!!! I will buy the same machine again if anything happens to this one. The only draw back I could find was the lack of detailed directions. 


For a novice espresso lover I would say its a very solid machine. Heats up quickly,froths very well and and pulls a great cup of espresso and makes a mocha that is just as good as a comercial machine. The only thing about it I dont like is I would like it better if it was taller and came with better instructions. 


I have the Briel Cadiz, before they named it auto. It's about 8 years old and it's been used for 1 to 3 shots of espresso on a fairly daily basis, (at least 5x a week.) It's showing it's age a bit now, but this automatic espresso machine is SOLID. If mine ever goes, I'll probably replace it with this one. 


A solidly made and practical unit that produces excellent espresso. Good aesthetics and quality. Many good features I like in it: removable water tank, water level indicator, steam frother / cappuccino, built-in coffee tamper and removable tray / drip tray. It’s the best for me. 

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