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Bosch Espresso Machines

What would morning be like without freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee or espresso? With the new Bosch Barino espresso machine and the Bosch coffee grinder, its a question that you may never have to answer. You'll always be able to relax and enjoy a freshly brewed cup just the way you like it. These stylish and compact machines have convenient, easy-to-use functions and features, making them a perfect addition to any home kitchen.

At just a touch of a button, the Bosch Benvenuto Gourmet coffee maker grinds the beans and brews the coffee within seconds. The unique AROMASWIRL™ high-pressure brewing system immerses the freshly ground coffee in the ideal water temperature for optimal extraction and maximum flavor release. A frothing attachment for cappuccino, instant hot water for tea or hot chocolate adds to this amazing machine's capabilities. To top it all off, the Bosch Benvenuto automatically cleans itself when needed. Fresh, flavorful coffee, cappuccino or espresso just like they make in the Italian cafés.

By engulfing each freshly ground espresso granule with water, the revolutionary AROMASWIRL™ System guarantees the most robust cappuccinos everytime.

Bosch Cappuccinos, espresso or Latté… with individually adjustable settings for coffee strength and cup size, you can decide how you want to start your day.