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Detailed Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Simple Brewing Features
A multifunction control knob switches between brewing, hot water, and steaming functions.

Frothing Tip for Perfect Foam
Like magic, your Barino stainless steel steam wand will make beautiful foam using the frothing tip. In an instant, the steam wand converts the milk in your 12 or 20 oz. frothing pitcher to lovely foam for lattes and cappuccinos.

Perfect Espresso
Ordinarily it can be difficult to achieve great results brewing espresso with a traditional espresso machine. Getting the coffee ground just right makes a big difference. The Barino’s pressurized coffee filter system does away with that concern by pressurizing the brewing chamber to improve extraction from the ground grounds, promoting the perfect brewing conditions, regardless of the coffee grind.

Built In 40 oz. Water Tank
The 40 oz. water reservoir is prefect for home and entertaining.  You can brew a number of espressos and then refill the reservoir right where it’s at, even if it is still brewing. Simple to remove, the reservoir can also be carried to a faucet.

Powerful Pump System
The Barino boast a powerful vibratory pump rated at 15 BAR of pressure, the same pump found on top of the line BOSCH espresso machines to pull maximum flavor from the coffee beans.

Removable Cup Tray & Drip Pan
This removable cup tray and plastic drip pan make clean up simple.

Safe, Rapid Recovery Boiler
No hot water, no espresso. The Barino keeps hot water coming with a high efficiency stainless steel, 1260-watt quick recovery boiler. This boiler also has burnout protection; a thermal fuse to shut down the heating element should the machine run dry during operation.

Additional Product Information & Maintenance:
In order to keep the inside of your machine healthy; it must be periodically cleaned.  Scale buildup from naturally occurring minerals in your water can build up on sensitive components like the inside of the boiler, which left unchecked can cause considerable damage to the machine. By descaling your machine every two-three months, your machine will be trouble-free for years.  BOSCH espresso machine cleaner can be purchased from BOSCH or by calling the support number in your user guide.  Descaling and general cleaning is important even if you have a sophisticated water filter system, and especially if you use well water.

Installation & Accessories:
This requires no special plumbing or electrical outlets in order to operate.  Just plug it in, fill it up and it is ready to go.

All accessories needed for immediate operation of the Barino are provided with purchase.  They include: single and double stainless steel filter baskets, a measuring spoon. You’ll also receive detailed instructions on the care and operation of you new Barino.

Service & Support
All BOSCH products are offered with an unlimited toll free technical support service. If you have any questions or need help, just call us at the number provided in your help guide. We offer a full, one-year parts and labor warranty for home or office use.

Product Specifications:
•  Colors: Black with silver
•  Power: 1260 watts - 120 volts – UL listed
•  Size: 13.5"H x 9"W x 14"D
•  Weight: 9.5 pounds
•  Body Material: Plastic
•  Warranty: 12 month parts and labor
•  Support: Unlimited toll free technical support


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