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Only Bialetti’s expertise could design the most innovative kitchen cookware range. As with coffee, once again, here is another example of Bialetti’s long-standing philosophy: to create, or rather to reinvent objects that make life at home easier. Designed for all innovative-minded customers, the Bialetti Home. Italy. collections provide solutions that are not only attractive in their design but above all practical, sturdy and safe for daily use. They are original, innovative products characterized by Bialetti’s great quality tradition. The Bialetti Home. Italy. collections feature internal and external Teflon® DuPont coating.

Bialetti's® Spazio System line was developed from the ingenious idea of a sturdy handle which “disappears”: so every pan can easily be stored in cabinets, drawers, dishwashers and plate racks without problems.

A sturdy, non-detachable handle: so there is no device which might make it fragile. It simply folds along the pan edges, making the most of kitchen space practically and safely. Moreover, its Teflon® DuPont coating allows no-fat, healthier and lighter cooking.

®Spazio System is an exclusive Bialetti patent. Along with the frypan, the line includes: saucepans, saucepans with heat-resistant glass lid, saute pan with deep heat-resistant glass lid, grill.

Duratek Bialetti®, the new complete line of frypans, saucepans and stir frypan under the Rondine brand, overcomes the time barrier.

In 10 years' life together, you'll be able to appreciate its characteristics of resistance and sturdiness, besides its great aesthetic plus: a revolutionary black Bakelite handle with silver grey insets, a unique Bialetti Industries design providing a firm hold and guaranteeing maximum practicality thanks to its ergonomic shape.