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Which Baratza Grinder should I buy?

Which grinder to buy?
The Baratza's grinders will grind from French Press to Espresso, but will they really? The chart displayed below is our answer to this question.

Baratza grinders Comparison chart

Which Baratza Grinder should I buy?
This is a great question with a complex answer. One important factor in choosing a grinder is the brewing method you will be using. Baratza grinders are designed to offer a wide range of adjustment for use with many brewing methods.
As you can see from the chart below, all grinders will grind from coarse to fine, but the Virtuoso, Preciso and Vario are better suited for the very fine grind needed for espresso.

The above chart is very general in nature. Your specific grinder selection will be affected by numerous factors including: personal taste, brewing style, coffee types, your budget and experience.

Grinding for Espresso:
As you can see on the chart above, espresso falls into four categories.
•   Moka or stovetop espresso machines require a fine grind which all of our grinders can provide.
•   Pump Espresso machines with a pressurized portafilter usually sell for <$300. The pressurized portafilter is designed to create pressure, relying less on the accuracy of the grind. All our grinders can provide this grind.
•   Pump Espresso machines with a non-pressurized filter require a very fine and accurate grind. The grind, dose and tamp create the pressure for a great espresso. The Virtuoso, Preciso, and Vario will give you the fine, accurate grind you need.
•   If you are looking for an espresso grinder that can be dialed in for the perfect espresso (typically $500+ espresso machines), consider the Preciso or the Vario that have micro adjustment for fine tuning the grind.

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