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Baratza ESATTO Scale Accessory

The Baratza ESATTO (Italian for"exact") is a stand alone scale accessory which is backward compatible with all Maestro Plus, Virtuoso and Preciso grinders.
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This innovative addition to your grinder will allow you to grind precise dosages of coffee using real-time weight-based control.
With its easy assembly and simple operation, you can automatically dose ground coffee to within +/- 0.2 g, repeatedly.

The Esatto uses an easy and intuitive operation panel that includes three programmable dosage buttons, and a digital LCD window which displays the weight value.

Itís footprint is 12 1/4" long by 5 1/4" wide and adds about 1" overall height to the grinder.

Why you should have the Baratza ESATTO?
•   No more need to manually pre-weigh your beans. The Esatto weighs the ground coffee, then automatically stops the grinder. Ideally suited to about 50-60 cups/ day (about 2 lbs. of coffee).
•   Inexpensive way to reduce labor time and increase accuracy.
•   Set up a grinder for each coffee you offer and program in three weights (e.g.#1 chemex, #2 pour-over, #3 siphon).
•   You could have two -three of these set-ups for about the same cost as a commercial grinder.

Esatto Accessory shown with Preciso grinder
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