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Aluminum Stove Top Espresso Makers

Serve amazing coffee with these stove top espresso makers! Economically priced aluminum pots with bakelite handles are guaranteed to be smooth and clean.
Item code: lapavoni-alum-stove-top-10
Retail Price: $24.00
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1 cup

3 cup (+$3.00)

6 cup (+$6.00)

9 cup (+$15)

12 cup (+$24.00)

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These aluminum stove top espresso makers have bakelite handles and are guaranteed to be smooth and clean.
Each piece comes in an attractive colored gift box.

There are 5 sizes to choose from:
  1 cup, 5" high
  3 cup, 6" high
  6 cup, 9" high
  9 cup, 10" high
  12 cup, 11" high

Made in Italy. Gift boxed.
Product Reviews

( )

We have been using these pots for 25 years. Had to replace the first one after about 15 years because the rubber gasket wore out. 

( )

My 6 cup maker is a real stovetop marvel! Very compact and fully portable unit and very easy to use. 

( )

I lived for four months in Italy and drank espresso made with these little wonders every day along with the Italians. They last for decades as long as you replace the rubber gasket every few years. Don't expect the espresso to be palatable the first few times you use the machine because it has to be a bit seasoned to remove the metallic taste. Also the espresso will taste better if you wash the machine without soap. 

( )

My husband had been stationed in Italy and made friends there who we still have today. As a result, we have been using this type of espresso maker for over 25 years and have introduced many other espresso-lovers to this method of making their brew. They make better coffee than the expensive machines and they last longer. Sometimes the replacement gaskets can be hard to find. There are also numerous stovetop pots for heating and frothing milk for cappuccino that are inexpensive, last for YEARS and are easy to use. 

( )

just got a new bialetti 3 cup moka express pot... a wonderful piece of coffee maker... before that I had an old 6 cup pot from my grandparents, just cleaned the dust from it and its still working. 

( )

Absolutely the best! 

( )

i love my new cafe maker i will always have it on hand 

( )

I have had expensive electric machine which always wore out, and I would go back to my stove top machine which I got for a wedding present in 1968! The pot is so simple and easy to use, and a great help when the power is off - stick it on a camping stove and you have hot coffee. I need a new gasket, can anyone tell me where I can get one? 

( )

@ the other Travis. I totally agree. But I used this little espresso maker when I lived in Barcelona. So great for traveling. I use one at home too! 

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