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Aloha Private Reserve DIAMOND Coffee Beans (8 oz)

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Handcrafted 100% Kona Magnum Opus Boutique Selections

Private Reserve DIAMOND (8oz whole bean) is truly the gem of the Kona plantation.
A very tiny portion of our crop each year qualifies to be our DIAMOND selection, so this coffee is very special indeed.

Our Master Roaster describes the flavor of our DIAMOND coffee as 'somewhat smoky and woodsy' and coffee aficionados detect a hint of natural citrus in the aroma. This is an unusual, rare, and truly extraordinary coffee. This is our dessert coffee. So perfect, so smooth, we recommend you sip and savor this coffee as you would a fine port wine.

All of the Kona coffee is naturally low acid and pesticide free.

Packaged in elegant 8 oz box
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