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Saeco Talea Giro Plus II Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The new Talea Giro Fully Automatic Espresso Center will have you conjuring up fabulous espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and all of your favorite coffeehouse drinks with the touch of a finger. Milk Island capable
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The new Saeco Talea Giro Esprsso Machine is a great choice not only for its innovative design but also for its easy operation and great price.

The innovation is in the control panel with the new coffee control ring that allows you to regulate the quantity of coffee poured into each cup with the simple turning of a knob to make any type of coffee.

Product Features:

The New Saeco Brewing System - "SBS"
The Talea Giro offers the new Saeco Brewing System that allows you to make an endless variety of coffees with just one automatic machine and the simple turning of knob. Whether it is a strong Italian coffee (turning the knob to the right) or an American-style long coffee (turning the knob to the left) SBS concentrates all the aroma in the cup, offering a truly full flavor and all the pleasure of a splendid creamy coffee that is perfect every time.

Fully Automatic Espresso & Coffee Brewing
Just press the button and the Talea Giro will automatically grind your coffee beans, and dispense freshly brewed, rich and flavorful coffee into your cup. This machine allows you to choose the volume and strength of your coffee or espresso by simply pressing buttons on the control panel. Then it cleans up and is ready for the next order in less than 30 seconds. Press the brew button once for a single espresso or coffee. Pushing the brew button twice quickly will put a double shot of espresso or coffee in your cup.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder
The ceramic grinder is Saeco's most recent innovation. After careful research, Saeco finally chose this material to put an end to grinding with metal components. Indeed ceramic is inert, and thus ensures the best results without altering the flavor of coffee.

Hot Water Dispenser & Rapid-Steam®Technology
Turn the steam knob and have instant steam for cappuccinos or lattes. Other systems can have you waiting up to 45 seconds for the steam function to be ready but not with Rapid-Steam®; you’ll have consistent steam for repeated drinks.

Special Pre-infusion Brew System Cycle
Pre-infusion allows you to get maximum flavor from the brewing process. This advanced system takes the newly ground coffee beans from the internal coffee grinder and correctly tamps the coffee. Next comes "pre-infusion". The grounds are pre-soaked and then brewed before being discarded automatically into the internal dump box. The machine then resets itself for the next brewing cycle.

•  Colors: Silver and graphite
•  Power: 1500 watts - 120 volts
•  Size: 12.6"W x 14.6"H x 15.75"D
•  Weight: 20 pounds
•  Body Material: Plastic
•  Warranty: 24-month parts and labor
•  Origin: Italy

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