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Saeco Odea Go Redesign / Eclipse Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Odea Go Eclipse
    Odea Go Eclipse
The newest Saeco Odea Go Espresso Machine is Saeco's least expensive model in the Odea line, replacement for popular Saeco Vienna machine.
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Odea Go Redesign

Odea Go Eclipse (+$60.00)

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Simple, but stylish, the Odea Go will have you conjuring up fabulous espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and all of your favorite coffeehouse drinks with the touch of a finger. Just add your favorite coffee beans to the hopper and fresh water to the reservoir.

Start up begins with pressing the coffee button on the control panel. The automatic coffee grinder starts grinding to your specifications and transfers the fresh grounds to the built-in brewing system where your coffee or espresso is brewed at the right temperature, volume and strength, just like you programmed it from the control panel. Whether you use it at home or in a small office, the Odea Go will give you years of excellent, reliable service.

Odeo Go Eclipse model: same as Odeo Go Redesign, but with Black casing.

Product Features:

Fully Automatic Espresso & Coffee Brewing
Utilize the enormous flexibility of this machine’s programming options by varying the water volume up to 7 ounces and the ability to use up to 9 grams of ground coffee per brewing cycle. By experimenting with the water volume and grams of ground coffee you can fine-tune your coffee and easily program these parameters into the memory.

Adjustable Built-In Ceramic Disc Grinder
The ceramic grinder is Saeco's most recent innovation. After careful research, Saeco finally chose this material to put an end to grinding with metal components. Indeed ceramic is inert, and thus ensures the best results without altering the flavor of coffee.

The new ceramic grinder also provides a more even grind, allowing perfect dosing and blending, and giving you more control over the density and body of your coffee. And that's not all: the amount of coffee residue left in the cup is sizably reduced. Long-lasting, minimum noise! Thanks to its sturdy build, the ceramic coffee-grinder will quietly go on grinding to the same high standard for a long time.

Hot Water Dispenser
The special milk frothing tip delivers perfect foam every time for lattes or cappuccinos, even if you have never foamed milk before! The steam wand is located on the right front of the machine and it accommodates frothing pitchers up to 32 oz. If you need instant hot water for making tea, hot cocoa, or Americanos, the hot water feature is available at the press of a button.

Make Lattes, Cappuccino, and Café Mochas
The Odea Go is equipped with a steam wand and milk-frothing tip that insures loads of foam for lattes and cappuccino. You can also remove the frothing tip and use the standard steam wand if you prefer to have more control over the consistency of the foam. The steam wand is conveniently located and swivels to accommodate frothing pitchers ranging from 12 oz. to 20 oz. in size.

Within 35 seconds of turning on the steam knob, the Go will be steaming at full power, and continue to produce steam as long as the water tank is full thanks to its advanced continuous steam boiler.

Special Pre-infusion Brew System Cycle
Pre-infusion allows you to get maximum flavor from the brewing process. This advanced system takes the newly ground coffee beans from the internal coffee grinder and correctly tamps the coffee. Next comes "pre-infusion". The grounds are pre-soaked and then brewed before being discarded automatically into the internal dump box. The machine then resets itself for the next brewing cycle.

•   Colors: Silver and graphite, Black (Eclipse Model)
•   Removable 50 oz water tank
•   Power: 1500 watts - 120 volts
•   Size: 11.5"W x 14.5"H x 15"D
•   Weight: 19 pounds
•   Body Material: Plastic
•   Warranty: 24-month parts and labor
•   Origin: Italy

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