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BiCafé Capsules  for Nespresso Machines
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BiCafé Capsules for Nespresso Machines

Available in four varieties to satisfy your mood, taste and flavor §§C Intenso, Alma, Paix¡ì§¶o, and Descafeinado.

Each capsule is individually packed in an air-tight package that has a shelf life of up to 18 months. Other capsules are packed 10 units to a foil which means when you open the bag, unless you use the capsules immediately, they will be contaminated and likely lost their freshness within 2 days.

The BiCafé Capsules have on average 5.8 grams of coffee vs. competition who has less than 5 grams of coffee. This is a difference of approximately 15%. BiCafé coffees have a soft roasting process and our products never taste burnt or bitter.

- If you need to exert extra pressure on the lever to close your machine, do so without fear. This resistance is due to the fact that Bicafe capsules are made plastic and are completely filled with pressed coffee.
- If you hear a strange sound (like a "pop") when the water starts to flow, this is completely normal. It indicates that the machine's internal pressure has reached the appropriate level to produce a genuine espresso coffee.

Capsules compatible for use in Nespresso* Machines
*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Nestl¨¦ S.A., unrelated to BiCafé
BiCafé  INTENSO Capsules by Espressione (50CT)
BiCafé  ALMA  Capsules by Espressione (50CT)
BiCafé  PAIXÃO Capsules by Espressione (50CT)
BiCafé  DECAF  Capsules by Espressione (50CT)